Torrance, California, USA
40,000+ employees (including Honda North America)
Acura, a division of American Honda, was the first Japanese luxury automotive brand in the United States. In 2012, Acura announced that it would develop a next-generation supercar... and it would be engineered and built in Ohio. Located in the midst of Honda’s existing R & D and production engineering operations now sits a $70 million advanced manufacturing facility in Central Ohio that’s creating Acura’s dream supercar, the NSX. Production of this exciting new global product began in the spring of 2016.

Why Ohio:

“The decision to build the new Acura NSX in Ohio was a no-brainer. You have the greatest collection of engineering, manufacturing and R&D talent in the world in one place. What’s more, there is a huge supply base in central Ohio that ensured that this project would be successful. The NSX is proof that in Ohio, we have the ability to produce a supercar—the combination of high-technology, engineering and performance—and inspire the next generation of engineers, designers and makers.”

Clement D’Souza
Chief Engineer
Acura NSX

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