Abundance of Natural Gas Powers Growth in Energy and Petrochemical Industries

The Utica and Marcellus shale formations continue to yield large amounts of natural gas, natural gas liquids (NGLs) and crude oils. The abundance of sustainable, low-cost natural gas is one of Ohio’s top energy assets, spurring economic growth across the state. Used as both a fuel and a raw material for manufacturers, Ohio’s vast reserve of natural gas is attracting energy producers as well as companies that use natural gas as a feedstock for downstream petrochemical products, including chemicals, coatings, adhesives and polymers. In fact, Ohio is ranked first in polymer output and the no. 1 supplier of polyolefins. 

Ohio has additional assets for companies involved in energy and petrochemicals:

  • A competitive business climate
  • Low taxes
  • A favorable regulatory environment
  • A streamlined permitting process
  • A deregulated power market allows companies to access reliable electricity at competitive rates
  • A location and infrastructure that provide easy access to suppliers and customers


Dana A. Saucier, Jr.
Managing Director
Shale Energy & Petrochemical
Matt Cybulski
Sector Director
Shale Energy & Petrochemical